Sell Your Business Yourself?

Sell Your Business Yourself?

Selling a business can be very complex process. Whether you have sold any business in the past or you are selling a business for the first time, it is important that you work with an expert. An expert business broker can help you pass through some pretty rough waters. Let’s look at four issues which any seller needs to keep in mind when selling a business.

Number One – Overreaching

If you are founder, owner and operator of a business simultaneously, then the chances are good that you are involved in every single decision. It can be a significant mistake. Business owners usually want to be involved in every matter of selling their business, but handling the sale of your business along with operating it, can lead to difficulties or even disaster.

The point is that you cannot handle it all, on your own. You will need to pass down the day-to-day operation of your business to a manager. Furthermore, you will want to bring on an experienced and expert business broker to assist you with the sale of your business. Running a business and trying to sell simultaneously, has gone wrong for even the most seasoned multi-taskers.

Number Two – Money Related Issues

It is pretty common that once a seller decides a selling price, he/she has trouble settling for anything less than that. The emotional ties which business owners have to their business can be understood, but those can also be irrational and serve as a hindrance in selling. Business broker is an important intermediary that can keep the deal on track and emotions at a minimum.

Number Three – Time

The last thing you want while selling your business, is to waste time. Selling through a business brokers ensures that you don’t have to deal with “window shoppers” and only deal with real, potential buyers wo are serious about buying the business. You time is valuable, and most sellers have no idea of just how much time selling a business can take.

Number Four – Don’t Forget the Stockholders

Stockholders must be included in the process of sale, whatever their shares may be. A business owner must get the approval of stock holders. Two best ways to achieve it is to get best sales price and secondly, to obtain the best terms possible. Once again, in both regards; a business broker play the part of an invaluable ally.

Selling a business is not only complicated but it can also be stressful, confusing and overwhelming. It is especially true if you are selling a business first time in your life. CBC Business brokers know the ropes and they know what it takes to get a deal on the table and then push it to finish line.

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