5 Best Commercial Cleaning Businesses For Sale Sydney

5 Best Commercial Cleaning Businesses For Sale Sydney

Starting a business from scratch might not always be the best option for many. An easy solution to the problem is to buy an established one. If you are looking for businesses for sale in Sydney, there are many to choose from.  One of the profitable businesses around the globe is the Commercial Cleaning business, and there are quite a few for sale in Sydney. So, let’s look at the 5 best commercial cleaning businesses for sale in Sydney.

  • Franchise Cleaning Business For Sale (commercial cleaning)

This business in Appin, Douglas Park, Campbelltown NSW and Hoxton is a well-established business that provides efficient commercial cleaning services to its clients. The gross monthly of $4k to $5k is guaranteed if it is as strategically run as it has been by the current owner. Excluding fees of training and transfer, the purchase price is $65K.

  • Australia’s Leading Bond Cleaning Organization (cleaning and maintenance)

It is one of the commercial cleaning businesses for sale Sydney includes both bond cleaning and carpet cleaning. It has a proven and established business model and investment, and a very affordable purchase price. Own this franchise and get an initial guaranteed income of $1000 per week. Potential of success in this business should certainly make its purchase more likely.

  • Commercial Cleaning Service Business

At the very affordable price of $159 000 you can become the owner of a very well established commercial cleaning business. It caters to the needs of a number of industries, including medical centers, financial institutions, childcare centers and many more. It requires approximately 25 hours a week of effort by the owner. This business has great potential, is continuously growing and can be further improved.

  • Commercial Cleaning Business (inner-city Sydney NSW)

This business located in inner-city Sydney provides services of commercial cleaning along with carpet cleaning, industrial cleaning and window cleaning. If you are looking for a business for 2 to 3 employees with flexible working hours and with the limited need of travel, you have found the perfect job for you. This commercial cleaning business for sale in Sydney will include all cleaning gear and training in the purchase. It is the ideal small business which has great potential for growth and improvement.

  • Commercial Cleaning – Under Management – Commercial Cleaning (Western Suburb NSW)

This business, available at the purchase price of $270 000, has 21 stable clients with a great potential for the new owner to exploit. With a stable income, long term clients, short working hours and good hour rates, this business is very well-established. It has seen 20 years of successful establishment there is always potential for more jobs.

So, if you are planning to own a commercial cleaning business in Sydney, buying one from the list above would be a good idea. These businesses have been well-established and after a good background check and talk with the employer, you can become the proud owner of one. Taking over running business is a wise decision and will prove quite profitable in the long run.


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