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Looking to buy a business? we know this investment is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

We Care

We realize that you might be counting on this investment to provide for your family, to educate your children or to plan for your retirement.

Our goal here, is to help you reach your goal.

Invest as per Your Goal

Different buyers aim for different goals by buying a business. Some plan to convert small business into family operations.

Others decide to introduce new services / products into market through existing business.

Get a Running Business from Best Brokers in Sydney

Everyone is attracted to unique and different goal. Whatever goal or motivation you have, you can rely on CBC Business Brokers Sydney to find a business which matches your goals, interests and capabilities.

Buyer’s Testimonial

Mathew Ryan – Buyer, Smash Repair (MJM Smash Repairs)

Mathew Ryan – Buyer, Smash Repair (MJM Smash Repairs)