Sale Contract for Sale of Business

Sale Contract for Sale of Business

A sale contract is almost always required in order to sell a business.

For Sellers, signing sale contract authorizes the sale of a business legally. Signing the agreement represents end of ownership. Sale of the business means going towards uncharted territory, for some business owners. It can also mean end of a dream for many business owners. An owner may have started this business from zero and then took it to next level. A part of that business owner will always be there, in that business. Sometimes, a business is also like a part of a family.

For buyers, a signed contract is the start of a business ownership, an opportunity for independence and a dream. A buyer takes the business as the next step in his/her life.

Thus, a sale contract is a bridge for both buyer and seller. CBC Business Brokers look at the agreement through the point of view of both seller as well as buyer, making efforts to help both parties in their process of this business transaction; entering both of them into their new phases of life.

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