Know Your Customers

Know Your Customers

When eating at a good restaurant, it always feels nice for the owner to come up and ask, how was everything. This personal contact plays its role in keeping the customer happy and returning. It has been observed that, now-a-days, customer service is being handled by making potential customers wait on a phone; it seems like forever. Often making them listen to repetitive recording, telling that the call will be handled shortly. Small businesses like cafe/restaurant are built on personal customer service. Being a business owner, when was the last time you worked on the ground, or had lunch with a good client, or handled the business phone? Clients and customers love to do business with owners. Even a “nice to see you again” or a friendly “hello” goes a long way is customer service and relation.

This idea of knowing your client/customer can actually be extended to vendors, suppliers, and other people connected to your business. When was the last time you visited your accountant, banker, or legal advisor? A friendly phone call to your supplier(s) can play a role in building relationships. A call to one of the suppliers, thanking them for the prompt delivery etc, can be really useful.

As most communications are now done online, a hand-written thank-you note to a vendor you appreciate, a long-standing customer, someone whose recommendation proved to be useful for your business – stands out way more than a bill or junk mail.

Operating your own business is not a “hide behind business plan” type of thing. Rather it is a “front-end” thing. Reach out there and meet your customers and anyone else who has interest in your business.

Building these relationships help your business to grow. It helps in making your business more attractive to a potential buyer as well, when the time comes to it. Make this business a better place for someone else to come and take it over and that is the time when you will be able to personally introduce all stakeholders to buyer of the business.

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