Business Brokers – Opening a Coffee Shop [Common Mistakes]


Have an intention of running a coffee shop? Good Intention indeed! Being the owner of a cafe is one of the hardest & most rewarding jobs one can have. Getting to meet new people, serving them delicious foods that they love, and feeling the sense of happiness & pride at creating a space that represents your personality, passions and talents. What else could be better?

While you are making business plan, dream up a drink menu and mentally pick outside dishes, these are all the fun parts. Though, beware some common mistakes. Below are the five common mistakes that can trip up a brand new coffee shop. Stay away from them, and you will be on your way to run a cafe successfully.

Don’t wait any longer: Choose a Coffee Source

It is a serious commitment to choose a right coffee partner—especially if the focus of your establishment is coffee. Why wait till the last minute to choose what is most important for the whole lifespan of your business?
Make connections with few different roasters and get to know their products. Ask what kinds of services, discounts, support, resources, education and technical supports do they offer. Also ask for their advice to build your dream of The Best Coffee Shop of World”.

Remember to Study Up!

You would not start to go any cooking school a couple weeks before opening your cafe, would you? Anyone, considering himself as a cafe owner should spend time in learning about cafes and coffees as much as he can. Its only purpose is not only about making coffee, but also learning to taste it. You should go and visit as many coffee shops as you can. In this way you can have a sip and feel the sense of variety in flavor, styles and quality which is available in coffee world mainly.

On top of it, it helps to know at least something about what is coffee and where does it come from? Your customers may ask you about the origin of the bean or how it was made. They turn to you as an expert. So provide yourself with knowledge before you provide them with coffee.

Hire People with Polite Personalities

Regardless of how tasty your coffee might be, it matters for any customer if the coffee was handed to him with a friendly smile on face or a holier-than-thou scowl. So, polite personalities are necessary to serve customers in a better way. It is very difficult to change someone’s attitude just to squeeze some decent coffees out of their hands. So hire people with decent people right from the beginning.

Offer Simple Menu

Another common wrong step which is usually taken by most of the cafes is the choice of menu which a cafe would be serving. You should simply start with a dozen basic quality products of yours rather than getting yourself messed with hundreds of mediocre products. And then keep an eye for demand of any new product. If you think that it has enough demand to get added in your cafe’s menu then add it properly and welcome other customers of this product. Otherwise there is no need to bother yourself and the business with a responsibility of unnecessary product.

Don’t Use Punny Names

Don’t ever call your cafe something which has a pun in it. It is a real serious matter. The world doesn’t need just another Daily Grind. Nor it needs something cutesy e.g. Brewed Awakening, Bean Town, Common Grounds or “Java”. We don’t need such names because we want to stand out of the crowd.

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