Why Sydney is Famous for Students?

Why Sydney is Famous for Students?

When it comes to a multicultural society with perfect weather, Sydney is absolutely the best choice. Sydney has always been the best place for students. When international students apply for universities around the world, Sydney has always been their choice because of the opportunities the city and its institutions give to their students. The panoramic view of Sydney makes it more beautiful and live-able with the opera house and Harbor bridge.

Ranking of Sydney

Sydney is regarded as fourth best city in the globe for the students. This ranking is organized by four very main categories such as student mix, employer activity, affordability and quality of life. Two of the Sydney’s universities are ranked in top 50 universities of the world. Their degrees are well trusted and offers excellent job prospectus around the globe.  

Diversity of city with social inclusion and tolerance

Australia has a large number of universities that has very good ties with the universities in Asia. As Sydney is the biggest city of Australia, it contains large number of students that belongs from different corners of the world. For this reason, the city is known for its multicultural student mix. This multiculturalism has a very positive effect on the outlook of student’s life. It also gives students an opportunity to expand their interest and knowledge of other cities and cultures. The universities of Sydney contain many campuses which gives students an opportunity to visit and explore the whole city.

Quality of life

Many students prefer Sydney over other cities because of its relaxed and easy-going culture. Other than that, universities in Sydney are quite flexible as they offer a wide range of subjects to their students. Quality of weather also becomes the reason of good quality of life. Due to this temperate weather, you don’t have to spend much on air-conditioner or heater. There are plenty of places where students can go and entertain themselves such as beaches, clubs, societies, and amazing shopping markets. Great sporting facilities are also offered by the universities.

Job & Business opportunities

In the past few years, the government has invested their millions of dollars in construction, innovation, and technology. The government has also invested in scholarships for the students of the university. Many jobs have been created in Sydney especially for the newly graduated students. 9,000 new Jobs in the technology section has also been introduced. Sydney has so much more to offer in listings by Cbc business brokers Sydney and they give them as many opportunities as they can. International students usually have 60 days after their graduation to employ themselves anywhere in Sydney or to enroll in another college or university for further studies. There is no boundary or restriction on international students. After the completion of the degree, you can even apply for the travel visa to explore the rest of the city and country and enjoy its wildlife.


Although Sydney is expensive for students when compared with other universities but the opportunities and exposure it gives can’t be ignored. The city is well connected to public transports which includes trams, trains, ferries and buses. They are all available in cheaper prices. 

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