Buying a Business by Immigrating To Sydney, NSW, Australia in 2019

Buying a Business by Immigrating To Sydney, NSW, Australia in 2019

 How to apply for business immigration in Australia?

Australia has such a diverse economic system. Its business environment is quite stable and in low risk as it is supported by the best legal and financial systems. Other than that, business opportunities in Australia are quite abundant. Australia is definitely a best option to go so grab your visa for Australian Business Immigration.

There are various categories of Australian Business Immigration and each category has its own requirements for the entry in Australia for business. Generally, temporary business visa of four years is granted to the interested person so that he can apply for the application for permanent residency. It’s the duty of the business visa holder to have some evidence of his successful business with satisfactory activities and investments.

This procedure is only for temporary time period. High calibre businessmen have an opportunity to apply for the permanent visa directly which is sponsored by a state or a territory government. You can concern the professionals to give you a proper guidance about your future and business in Australia.


What are the visa streams for Australian Business Immigration?


There are three kinds of visa streams. You can apply for Australian business immigration according to your eligibility.


1. Business innovation visa stream:

This visa stream is for those who are willing to establish a business in Australia with their astonishing business skills and also for those who already have one. It has some requirements and criteria that should be followed.


Ø  The person should be below 55 years of age. Business innovation visa for the people of above 55 age can only be approved if his proposal is highly beneficial economically.


Ø  Your score should be at least 65 points in the point test of Australian Business Immigration.


Ø  It’s the requirement of the visa to posses AUD 800,000 net assets on your name or on your partner’s name. These assets should be transferred to Australia in a legal manner and within 2 years of duration of visa grant.


2. Investor stream:

Ø  Only those people can apply for this visa who are eligible enough to make an investment of 1.5 million AUD (minimum). This investment should be made within the state or territory of Australia.


Ø  Candidate’s age should be under 55.


Ø  Your score should be 65 points on the test of Australian business immigration.

Ø  Candidate should be skilled enough to manage the investments as well as all business activities.


Ø  At least 3 years of experience in the qualifying business.


Ø  Commit your stay for at least 2 years to carry out the investments and activities of business in Australia.


3. Significant investor stream:

This visa stream is for those candidates who can make investment of more than 5 million AUD. Candidate should also be willing to maintain this investment in Australia. In order to apply for this immigration business visa, you should have net asset of 5 million AUD, or your partner or maybe combined. Under this visa, you have to stay in Australia for at least 160 days for consecutive 4 years.  For wise investment, you can contact a business broker in Sydney for buying an already running business. 

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