Things to ensure before buying a small business

Things to ensure before buying a small business

Most people think buying a business is as easy as buying a property. Sadly, they are very much mistaken as few key things should always be looked upon before making a final decision of buying some business.

One such key thing to looks is that if the business is one man show or it has proper working management team. Having a management team is not enough though, one should also consider their readiness to run daily operations of business if the business is sold out.

Another important aspect to look at is supplier relationships. It is quite possible that suppliers have personal relations with the buyer and once business is sold, the supplier leaves.

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This piece was a liacefjket that saved me from drowning.


What an informative article. Thank you for this. I am currently in the process of purchasing a business and based on this article, I had just realized that I am buying into an owners high risk business. Fortunately the owner is willing to stay for a year and a half to 2 years before handing over the business.

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