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1. Call us, for “Free Business Appraisal”
2. Grooming Your Business for Sale
3. Sales Strategy Formulation
4. Marketing Program Implementation
5. Qualification of Genuine Buyers
6. Sale & Purchase Agreement
7. Due Diligence
8. Settlement & Handover

Your business will compete against thousands of other businesses, currently on sale, in the market. Business sale process these days is a lot more complicated and technical, as compared to how it was used to be a few years ago. A slight twist in the process can make a huge impact on desired outcome – contact us via filling the inquiry form, on right side of the page, to receive further information……..

What Our Clients Say About Us
Joshua Mason (Owner Import Export Business)

I dealt with two other business brokerage firms, before CBC Business Sales took over sale process of my business. From day one, they knew what was needed to sell my business at optimum price & their innovative approaches towards selling, outperformed their competitors. I could see the difference from very beginning. This is the only business brokers firm which sets exceptionally high standards.

Joshua Mason (Owner Import Export Business)
Linda Hays (Owner Franchise Food Business)

I was trying to sell my business since over a year at my own, but with the help of “Sale Support Program” by CBC Business Sales; I managed to sell my business within 3 months by business brokers Sydney.  This program helped me at all stages of business sale & I still managed to save $13,000 on brokerage fee.  Sale Support Program of CBC Business Sales did wonders

Linda Hays (Owner Franchise Food Business)

CBC Business Sales

Business Brokers Sydney

CBC Business Brokers Sydney has the highest success rate, for delivering results against any other Business Broker. Unlike other business brokers, where most of businesses sit on shelf and business brokers are unable to pay required attention, to businesses; we only take-on a very small number of businesses and then laser focus on sale of these businesses – that’s why our success rate is so high. Selling a business in Sydney and NSW is highly challenging and it is not possible to achieve results, without putting in extreme efforts. Many business brokers in Sydney and NSW are after easy sale; they simply list your business, which sits in their stock list and never gets sold – as due to high number of businesses, they are unable to concentrate for the sale of each business. A business broker looking for an easy sale of the business is the most unsuccessful, these days.

All large and small business brokers in Sydney and Australia believe that more businesses they will list, more businesses they will sell. This is an obsolete and “old school approach”, which is extremely damaging for your business. What it means is that they are running their business, at the expense of your business; as your business will just be another number in their list of stock – if it sells then good enough, otherwise who cares……………

On contrary at CBC Business Sales, your business will be our business and we will not take-on higher number of businesses, until we get results for your business. If you wish to know more about our unique process, then fill in the inquiry form, by clicking below button, to receive additional information.

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